Ditch Your Disposable Plastic Bags, Get Stasher

We've said it before, trying to be environmentally friendly while having kids is tough, if not near impossible. Our latest suggestion for helping reduce waste around the house and more importantly keep plastic out of our collective environment is to replace your single use plastic bags with Stasher silicone bags. Little single use plastic baggies are everywhere and also quite helpful when you have kids. They're an easy way to store snacks, sandwiches, package leftovers, prevent spoilage, and the list goes on and on. Single use plastic however is also a major environmental disaster. Yes, your supermarket probably has a plastic bag drop off for recycling, which may or may not actually get recycled. But finding a replacement for plastic is even better. In an ideal world we should all use the least amount of plastic humanly possible. tall order. Stasher bags are an excellent substitute for your plastic baggies. To keep it real simple these are basically super reusable ziplock bags made out of silicone. They come in a wide range of sizes for pretty much all of your usual needs. They are dishwasher safe. They can be used in the microwave, in boiling water, in the freezer. They are not cheap on a one time basis, going anywhere from $50 to $90 for bundles, but it's one and done and they can last for years.

If you feel like you want to learn and read more, the Stasher blog is pretty darn good and well written, check it out.