Family Friendly Key West For The Kids

The Florida Keys is a pretty spectacular place, with just a little less than 2.5 million visitors a year, chances are you’ve been to the Keys, whether romantically with a significant other, on a cruise or one wild weekend with the “fill in the blank”. While the more adult pastimes of sipping a margarita and watching the sunset and then getting a bit rowdy at Hogs Breath Saloon might immediately come to mind and ask you to question how family friendly can the Keys be, for those in doubt, below we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to entertain even the tiniest tots in your family.

Number one of course is always the Hemingway House. While it’s a house tour, which may not appeal to a lot of children, the tour itself is pretty quick. The grounds are beautiful, very tropical and fun to explore. The famous 6 toed cats will have your kids scouting out for furry friends in the bushes.

The Butterfly And Nature Conservatory is a can’t miss. The big draw here is the glass enclosed habitat which is home to 50 plus some odd different species of butterflies. The kids can walk about the tropical plants and try to spot various butterflies and small birds. Super fun, for all ages, and the shop actually has some pretty cool butterfly tchotchkes that are worth buying for the kids.

The haunted ghost walking tour is fun, although if you have to “sell it” to the kids, it’s more of a walking storytime. Are you going to see a ghost? Probably not. Important to note, these tours usually start late at night, 9pm or later.

Check out the Old Town Cemetery, during the day it's not necessarily creepy, in fact oddly kind of peaceful, if not a bit run down. During winter months it's open til 6pm, summer months until 7pm.

The Mel Fisher Museum is a good one, treasure hunting, kids and pirates pretty much all go hand in hand.

All around Mallory Square there's also The Shipwreck Museum, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, and the Aquarium. Ample things to do.

And of course the Mallory Square sunset party is family friendly, if not always still a bit crowded, so make sure you little ones stay in sight.

As far as Playgrounds go, there is an awesome one right down Southard Street and through the Truman Annex. The other good one is right off of Higgs Beach.

There is definitely a lot more for kids to do and we'll cover it in subsequent articles on the Florida Keys, but for right now, this should give you a couple of good places to start.