Is Art Basel Miami Family and Kid Friendly

Good question. With the boom in development over the past 20 some odd years Miami and The Beaches has become much more kid friendly, we've written about that in a previous post. Art Basel which is held in early December each year is sort of the unofficial launch party for the winter seasons, ie the big tourism / snowbird season. Art galleries large and small, artists and those who love art and culture descend on the city for the annual event. Art as its defined in any way shape or form, from traditional paintings and sculpture, to performance and conceptual art, is on display everywhere - the convention center on Miami Beach is the epicenter, but from there it reaches to all corners of Miami Beach and The City of Miami. Hotels host artists, installations and set up temporary galleries. Shipping containers become mini galleries on the sand and parks. Pretty much every square inch of the both cities are in some way repurposed to celebrate the creative spirit in all of us.

With all that being said, still begs the question, is Art Basel kid friendly? The answer is very subjective. In short, the answer is yes. The longer version depends upon your kids. Art Basel is crowded. People book hotels months in advance and prices are through the roof. The streets are packed with people, it's hard to get around other than by foot. Restaurant reservations book up instantly and those walk in restaurants and bistros are packed with the overflow. Even if you wanted to just get pizza and or hamburgers, it could be thirty minutes til you sit down and another half hour til any food begins to arrive.

For small toddlers and younger children it's going to be challenging for any parent to keep their young ones at bay. Super over stimulation, lots of waiting, lots of crowds, up to you if you really want to risk a meltdown during any of this. For older kids, teens maybe, whether or not you think taking them to Art Basel is good idea or not is completely up to you. With they get exposure to art and culture and different ideas, absolutely. Will they have fun, probably. If you have artistically mind kids, it's probably worth going at least once just to give them the experience and exposure. If you have kids that couldn't care less about art and just want to sit on the beach, maybe take a pass.

Art Basel Miami is fun, but it's a contact sport. Most of the locals around Miami have kind of learned to stay away from the shenanigans, with the mindset, Been There, Done That. You want to take the kids, go for it, but be prepared.