Spring Is Here Start A Vegetable Or Herb Garden

Recently we made our first post about how to raise kids to care about the environment, the commentary and suggestions made were relatively benign and sort of big picture over generalizations. Starting with this post here and in the future, we’ll try to provide more concrete actionable items to help in educating your kids about the environment.

 It is officially spring, although considering the cascading global health crisis the seasonal change is probably secondary on our collective minds right now. Regardless of current circumstances we’re still going to suggest that if you can find some time, get outside, if you have a backyard or even just a small outdoor space, planting flowers, herbs, trees, anything is a great life lesson for your kids, to help them have a better appreciation for nature and our natural world.

 Depending where you are, how much room you have and what you’re thinking of planting there is ample time from spring though early summer to get started. Tomatoes are good, so are peppers, carrots are pretty easy to grow. Herbs of course are great and super easy. Mint basically grows like a weed, also basil.

 There is something very satisfying about growing something yourself and then eating it, your kids will probably love it too. Turn it in to a morning chore, where you check the soil, maybe water as needed. Do they need to be moved into sunlight, out of sunlight, a nice activity which will also build a connection to where our food comes from and a love for nature.