What’s The Most Popular Second Language To Learn

On a global scale, English is actually the most popular second language to learn. Which of course kind of makes sense. English is the language of business and whether you’re negotiating the latest chip manufacturing capabilities for whatever electronic gadget or simply trying to book a room at a hotel English comes in super handy. However, since we’re writing this in English, odds are pretty good that you’re more interested in what is the most popular second language to learn here in the US. Needless to Spanish is probably the most popular if not the most useful, here in the US, we do have a large Spanish speaking population. The second most commonly taught in schools is of course French, which is kind of weird, let’s be honest it’s not the most widely spoken language out there, hitting number 10 on the top 10 list of spoken languages.

Personally curious if any schools here in the US teach Latin anymore. Many many years ago, the excuse for teaching Latin was that it was the mother of the romance languages, if you could learn Latin you would have the basis for learning a whole host of other European languages, or at least Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian.